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Regal Equestrian

Livery, Competition Training Centre and Riding School

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It is £25 a year to join the Pony Club as a Centre member which then offers you lots of opportunities to work towards badges and awards and to get involved and try to qualify for the Pony Club Championships in Cheshire in August - a great trip where we take some ponies and you stay whilst competing in show jumping, dressage or horse care.  We take many children out to competitions such as the Aston-le Walls Bloxham School Eventer Challenges, one day events and local summer shows.  The great news is you do not have to have your own horse or pony.  You can hire one of ours or why not consider our loan share scheme?  It's a great way to start before owning your own.
We run lots of exciting pony club sessions throughout the week.  These are 2 hour sessions which are made up of an hours riding lesson and an hours Pony Care in which children can work towards their PC badges.  It also gives the children time to gain their confidence with horses on the ground and to make friends.

For older children we run sessions on a Saturday afternoon working towards their C and C+ tests.  Most come and have a riding lesson, help on the yard and then join the training session.

Throughout the year we offer opportunities for others to train for their E, D and D+ tests and Riding and Road Safety awards.  we also run a series of combined training competitions (dressage and jumping) for our members.

We hope to see you

Regal Equestrian Pony Club

                   Clothing for all children attending Pony Club sessions

Dear Parent or carer,

Many of you have now got your clothing and the children are looking very smart.  There are a few items left to pick up and there are still a number of people who have not got hoodies/sweatshirts and Polo shirts.  Please could I remind you that we asked everyone to please make sure that they had a polo shirt AND hoodie or sweatshirt.  As from 1st January this was a requirement for you children to be involved in the Pony club sio that they all feel like they "belong".  If you remember we said we would delay a price increase until the spring to ensure that everyone was able to order clothing.

For those of you with children that do not yet have clothing, please complete the order form and return with payment  for your clothing. I shall put another order in before the end of January. Cheques payable to Regal Equestrian Ltd.

Prices are below

Many thanks

Fran Bird

Childs Name  ______________________________________________________________________

Polo Shirt Size:  ____________________________

Sweatshirt Size:  ___________________________

Hoody Size:         ___________________________

Payment received:  Date  ____________________   Signed________________________________

Cash?  ________             Cheque?  ________  In name of?  _________________________


Regal Equestrian Clothing

All Regal Equestrian Clothing:

  • Is purple unless otherwise stated
  • Has a small logo on the front left breast and larger one on the back
  • Is screen printed.


Children                                                                                 Adults

CXS         24              3-4yrs                                                  

CS           26              5-6yrs                                                    S: Chest    34/36

CM          28              7-8yrs                                                     M: Chest   38/40

CL           30              9-11yrs                                                   L: Chest    40/42

CXL         32            12-13yrs                                                   XL: Chest  44/46

Logo on back.  The Pony Club one will have Regal Equestrian as the name.                          Front breast logo       



Regal Equestrian Pony Club Is printed in gold

Polo Shirts                                                      Children:  £17.50                 Adults:        £20.00              Chest 40+:  £23.50

Sweatshirt:                                                      Children:  £20.00                Adults:         £25.00              Chest 40+:  £28.50

Hoodie ( Purple with yellow)                              Children:  £30.00                Adults:         £35.00              Chest 40+   £38.50

**Coats.  Waterproof and windproof.   Price TBC.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Baseball Hat                 Child (to about age 10)  £7.            Adults £8.00

Mini Bags                      £2.50                                                                     Pens:             £1.00

Highlighters                   £1.50                                                                     Mugs:             £3.00

Payment is required with order. Please make cheques payable to Regal Equestrian Ltd or BACS.


Pony Club Championships 2015
Cholmondley Castle, Cheshire 
24 & 25 August 

We are so pleased to let you know that the Regal Equestrian team achieved an amazing 7th place in the Centre Equitation competition at the Pony Club Championships.
This was the first time that the centre had entered the competition and despite a few last minute team changes, they did amazing. 
The team consisted of Anabel, Flo, Megan and Rhiannon and they were supported by Fran and Steph with Hannah and Tom acting as grooms.