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Regal Equestrian

Livery, Competition Training Centre and Riding School

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Pony Club Test Training
Progressive Test Days

+Riding School: Children's Lessons 

Lessons are available from beginner to competitive on our horses or your own.  
Lessons are classified as follows.  A rider may not be the same level on the flat as jumping.   :
Beginner         New to riding and learning basic control and rising trot.  Most children progress from this to Novice with 4-6 1/2 hour private lessons.                                                     We have a special Introductory rate for your first 4 private lessons with a Buy 4, get one free offer.
Novice             Can do a rising trot and have basic control of a  horse or pony in walk and trot.
Improvers          Can walk, trot competently. 
                           Learning to canter whilst maintaining control on a schoolmaster horse or pony.
                           Learning to jump small fences to about 0.45m
Intermediate      Can ride in a balanced position in walk, trot and canter
                           Jumping fences at 45 - 0.80m
                           May be doing lower level competitions.
Advanced           Learning to ride in an outline, know how to train and improve a horse or pony.Start to introduce lateral
                            work, variation within paces.
                            Jumping to around 0.90+m 
                            May be competing.
Competitive       Aiming to improve self and or horse/pony to be able to be competitive

What We Offer
As well as offering lessons we like to provide opportunities for clients to experience horses in a way as similar to owning their own as possible.  Most of our lessons have a heavily discounted stable management session attached to them and there is the opportunity to get involved in our Saturday and Sunday Club (see below), We also run a series of Combined Training (Dressage and Show Jumping) competitions throughout each year.  They are friendly and help is always on hand to show children and parents what to do.  They are suitable from Novice to Competitive level as they start with a walk/trot test and poles and go up to 100cm jumping. 

Many children come out to competitions such as the Aston-le Walls Bloxham School Eventer Challenges, one day events and local summer shows. The great news is you do not have to have your own horse or pony.  You can hire one of ours or why not consider our loan share scheme?  (See tab on the side of this page) It's a great way to start before owning your own.  

We have Lots of Holiday activities for beginner to competitive riders.  Please See Tab across Top
Regal Equestrian Pony Club
We are very pleased to be a registered Pony Club Centre. To attend this session Children (U21) must become a registered member of The Pony Club which costs approximately £25/year as a Centre member.  As well as covering you with third party liability insurance, joining the Pony Club offers you lots of opportunities to work towards badges and awards and to get involved and try to qualify for the Pony Club Championships in Cheshire in August - a great trip where we take some ponies and you stay whilst competing in show jumping, dressage or horse care.  

We run lots of exciting pony club sessions throughout the week.  These are 2 hour sessions which are made up of an hours riding lesson and an hours Pony Care in which children can work towards their PC badges.  It also gives the children time to gain their confidence with horses on the ground and to make friends.

For older children we run sessions on a Saturday afternoon working towards their C and C+ tests.  Most come and have a riding lesson, help on the yard and then join the training session.

Throughout the year we offer opportunities for others to train for their E, D and D+ tests and Riding and Road Safety awards.  we also run a series of combined training competitions (dressage and jumping) for our members.
We hope to see you

Session Times:
PC = Pony Club session (2hrs, 1 hour riding lesson, max 6 people + stable management session)  £38 (0wn or hired horse).  In all these sessions it is possible to ride only £32.50 our horse or £27.50 own horse subject to space).
Monday         3.00-4.00        Beginner Half Hour sessions
                       4.30-6.30        PC Novice/Improvers 

Tuesday        3.00-4.30       Beginner Half Hour Sessions

Wednesday   3.00-4.30       Beginner Half Hour Sessions
                       4.30-6.30       PC  Improvers/Intermediate
                       4.30-5.30       After School Club (Horse Care and some games on ponies - varies)

Thursday       Private and Semi-Private Lessons by arrangement 
                       Hacks as light allows

Friday            4.00 -6.00      PC Novice/Improvers
                                                                                                               5.00-7.00       PC Improvers/Intermediate Age guide 8-13yrs

Saturday     09.00-11.00      PC  Improvers/Intermediate          Age guide  9+
                    10.00-12.00      PC  Improvers                               Age Guide 4 - 7
                    10.00-12.00      PC  Improvers/Intermediate          Age Guide  7- 10
                     11.00-1.00       PC  Novice
                      1.00-  2.00      Lesson  Improvers                       Age Guide 12+
                      2.00-  3.00      Lesson  Advanced/Competitive   Age Guide 11+
                      3.00-  4.00      Lesson  Intermediate/Advanced  Age Guide 12+
                      4.30-  5.30      C and C+ Training Groups  Children must hold D+ Certificate.  9 Years upwards.  *Some teenagers may be allowed to join without their D+                                                                                                                                                                                                              certificate.  Please talk to us if you would like more information

                         9.00 - 11.00   PC    Novice           
                     10.00 - 12.00   PC    Novice/Improvers                   Age Guide 9+
                     11.00 -  1.00     PC   Improvers/Intermediate          Age Guide  
                      1.00  -  3.00     PC   Novice/Improvers                   Age Guide  7- 12
                    12.00 -  1.00     C Test Training                             Age Guide 9+
                      2.00 -  4.00     Lesson  Intermediate/Advanced   Age Guide 9+  For those working towards C Test
                      3.00 -  4.00     Lesson  Advanced/Competitive    Age Guide 11+
                      4.30 -  5.30     C+ Test Training
In each session children will have a riding lesson in a small group and do some Pony Care in which they will work towards their Pony Club Badges and Achievement Awards. Please see The Pony Club web site for more details of these awards.
Saturday and Sunday Club   09.00-3.00 Just £12.50
This is available for all those having regular (weekly or fortnightly) lessons.  It is a great way to improve your knowledge and confidence around the horses and ponies.  This is not a "taught" session as such but you will receive supervision and training whilst learning to work with the horses and ponies.  A great way to learn and be involved with other like-minded people, especially for those that do not yet own their own horse or pony. 

Combined training (Dressage and Jumping) Competitions
A Dressage and Jumping Competition Series (Combined Training) will once again be run throughout 2016 with approximately one competition in each of month March - September. Points will be awarded at each competition which will culminate in a trophy for the overall Champion in each class.
details and dates to follow shortly for 2016 but the first is MARCH 25th.  See Tab on side of events page for schedule and entry form or please ask us to help.

Regal Equestrian Pony Club 

Clothing orders - Please note:  

All children attending Pony Club sessions must have a Polo shirt and sweatshirt or hoodie.

Dear Parent or carer,

As you know we work very hard to involve all of our children with pony care to improve their confidence with horses and ponies on the ground, confidence with their peers and give them the opportunity to build often life-long friendships.  The second hour of the “Pony Club” sessions are therefore heavily discounted.   The price of these increasingly popular sessions has been due to be increased for some time.  However, I am very keen to get all children attending the Pony Club sessions in Regal Equestrian Polo Shirts and either sweatshirts or hoodies so that they all feel like they “belong” to our Pony Club.  I am therefore going to delay a price increase until the spring, but insist that all children/teenagers attending our Pony Club sessions attend in “uniform” and have a polo shirt AND sweatshirt or hoody by January 1st 2015.

Can I suggest that you buy sweatshirts or hoodies on the large side so that they can get plenty of layers below and it is also a while before you have to re-stitch all of their badges onto the next one!!!

I will be placing an order during the week of the 24th November. 

A price list is attached.  Please complete the attached order form and return with payment  for your clothing before Monday 24th November. Cheques payable to Regal Equestrian Ltd.

Many thanks

Fran Bird

Childs Name  ______________________________________________________________________

Polo Shirt Size:  ____________________________

Sweatshirt Size:  ___________________________

Hoody Size:         ___________________________

Payment received:  Date  ____________________   Signed________________________________

Cash?  ________             Cheque?  ________  In name of?  _________________________



All Regal Equestrian Clothing:

  • Is purple unless otherwise stated
  • Has a small logo on the front left breast and larger one on the back
  • Is screen printed.


Children                                                                                 Adults

CXS         24              3-4yrs                                                  

CS           26              5-6yrs                                                    S: Chest    34/36

CM          28              7-8yrs                                                     M: Chest   38/40

CL           30              9-11yrs                                                   L: Chest    40/42

CXL         32            12-13yrs                                                   XL: Chest  44/46

Logo on back.  The Pony Club one will have Regal Equestrian as the name.                          Front breast logo       



Regal Equestrian Pony Club Is printed in gold

Polo Shirts                                                      Children:  £17.50                 Adults:        £20.00              Chest 40+:  £23.50

Sweatshirt:                                                      Children:  £20.00                Adults:         £25.00              Chest 40+:  £28.50

Hoodie ( Purple with yellow)                              Children:  £30.00                Adults:         £35.00              Chest 40+   £38.50

**Coats.  Waterproof and windproof.   Price TBC.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Baseball Hat                 Child (to about age 10)  £7.            Adults £8.00

Mini Bags                      £2.50                                                                     Pens:             £1.00

Highlighters                   £1.50                                                                     Mugs:             £3.00

Payment is required with order. Please make cheques payable to Regal Equestrian Ltd or BACS.

Please see the Tab for the Holiday Activities page.