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Regal Equestrian

Livery, Competition Training Centre and Riding School

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Riding and Pony Care/Stable Management Days

(Groups according to confidence and experience) 


Throughout the day you will receive two substantial Riding Sessions and and two Stable Management sessions to improve your knowledge of how to care for your pony or horse, prepare for a competition or similar in a fun and friendly environment.  Sessions will be tailored to a groups experience and age.  Stable Management will also range from basic pony care and the fun of looking after a pony if you don't already own one, tacking up and grooming through to stdding up, care of a competition horse or pony after and event, fittening, feeding competition rules and permitted tack, veterinary care, bandaging, conformation, muscle development.


Groups are kept small and are made up according to age and experience or confidence.


 Age Range

Adults' days are usually separate and during term time although we are very happy to run Parent and Child days where appropriate in the holiday time. 

Teenagers days are held during the school holidays at the same time as younger children but both have their own, completely separate environment.  Teenagers horses are kept on our top yard and they use the facilities for lunch and breaks on the yard, whilst younger children's ponies are tethered with hay and water in a secure barn where children can be kept out of the elements and an eye can be kept on them at all times.  They have their lunch and breaks in a static caravan and they use this for practical activities when it is cold in winter.


Level and Confidence

Groups range from Novice and Nervous to Competitive where we regularly have BS/BE level competitors coming to train in a fun environment.


 The day:

Specific drop off and pick up times can be arranged to fit around your work commitments.


Adult Days:

Full Day: £67 including lunch

Half  Day: £38.00 or £45 including lunch

£10.00 Horse hire


In the Summer:

Full Day:        09.30 - 5.00           £60.00*     

Half Day:        09.30 - 1.00           £38.00**

£10.00 Horse or pony hire



In the Winter:

Full Day:        09.30 - 4.00             £55.00*     

Half Day:        09.30 - 12.30           £34.00**

£10.00 Horse or pony hire


*   £5 discount for siblings (not in addition to 10% discounts when these apply for early booking)

**  £3 discount for siblings (not in addition to 10% discounts when these apply for early booking)


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